Keisuke Kato (kay-s-ké kaw-to)

    Born under a Japanese family in San Francisco California, Keisuke has constantly been  influenced by both Japanese and American cultures.

    With the influence of his organist mother, Keisuke started playing piano at a young age.  During this time, while attending standard American public schools, he attended the San Francisco Japanese Language Class where he learned how to read and write in Japanese.

    In elementary, middle, and high school, Keisuke actively participated in the school music programs playing clarinet in the symphonies, guitar and bass guitar in jazz bands, and singing bass vocals in choirs and vocal groups.

    In college, he expanded his playing to cover bands constantly playing shows, as well as teaching guitar lessons at Pleasant Hill Music Studio for 2 years.  Keisuke obtained his Bachelor of Music in guitar performance at Musicians Institute located in Hollywood California.

    Today, Keisuke has relocated himself to Tokyo, Japan to fulfill his dream of becoming a musician.



The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

Jeff Beck

Joe Satriani

Steve Vai

Stevie Ray Vaughan

John Mayer

Maroon 5

Johnny A

Joe Pass

Charlie Parker

Sheena Ringo



Worked with:

Akira Fuse

Masashi Sada


Yoshida Brothers


Uchu Sentai NOIZ

Wako Kida

Shuichi Hidano

Toshiko Akiyoshi

On Ensemble

Jennifer Batten

Scott Henderson